And the winner is….

Like a lot of other performers, we spent the early part of the year looking at our diaries, planning gigs, and contacting fringe events. Right now, under normal circumstances, we’d very possibly be up in Edinburgh with a gazillion other hopefuls, handing out flyers, putting on a show at the Fringe, and burning the candle every which way possible.

Then Covid changed everything. Live entertainment stopped, and a lot of us found ourselves wondering how we’d make a living in this new world, and what we could do. People in the performing arts have been learning to adapt, sharing ideas for ways forward, giving new technology a go. Who’d heard of a Zoom poetry event six months ago? Who’d dreamed of online Fringe festivals? Yet here we are.

Earlier this summer we put our heads together, revamped our show, filmed it on Zoom, and sent it off to the fringe festivals we knew had moved online. Last month it was shown at Morecambe Fringe, where poet Matt Panesh does so much great work bringing top-quality art to his part of Lancashire. And it only went and won an award!

Yes, folks, we now have an award-winning show. Don’t get us wrong, we’d rather be living in a world without a pandemic. At the same time, we’re very grateful to have our work recognised, and this award has properly made us chuckle, which is more welcome than ever in these difficult times.

In the finest traditions of entertainment, we’d like to offer our tearful, heartfelt, and possibly slightly inebriated thanks to our friends, our family, and everyone who’s ever helped and supported us; to Dave Pitt’s stylist, Emma Purshouse’s personal assistant, and Steve’s live-in carer; to the Black Country, to battered chips, and – above all – to you. Sob.

Oh, and the next outing for the show is as part of Ludlow Fringe’s online event, August 15-31. Just so you know. See you there!