bostin’ blather

We’re always up for a challenge. Very often, it’s one we’ve set ourselves – we come up with an idea, get all excited about it, and since no-one in PPP is the kind of person to put the brakes on it, it’s happening before we know it. Which explains how we came to spend Saturday running six – yes, six – online poetry workshops in one day.

They were run in conjunction with the Black Country Living Museum, as part of the F Words project, supported by Creative Black Country, and were a chance to celebrate our region. Participants had the opportunity to write poems exploring their memories of our part of the world, make use of our dialect in their work, and maybe invent new meanings for words like bibble or wammel. We also championed an entirely new poetic form: the Oy-Ku (a haiku written in Black Country dialect, with translations into Queen’s English for those who might need it, since you ask).

Oh, and to add to the challenge we decided we’d create a PDF booklet of all work written and submitted to us in the course of the day, and send it out to everyone who’d taken part before the end of the evening. Reader, we did. And there’s some bostin’ work in it, too.

Not bad going for a Saturday.

We had a day off on Sunday, mind.