Funny roots found

As you know, through the summer and autumn we’ve been busy working on the Finding Our Funny Roots project. It’s been a huge and complex piece of work, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and managed by Creative Black Country, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. Our job has been to create a show which looks at the boom in Black Country comedy from 1950 onwards, asks just where we are (spoiler alert: no-one’s really sure) and explains just why – wherever we are – we’re so special. We’ve listened to oral history interviews recorded by our team of volunteers, looked at the material they’ve found in Wolverhampton Archives, spoken to experts in comedy, and chatted with people we’ve bumped into at libraries, markets, and festivals. Then we’ve sat down and distilled this mountain of material down into a single one-hour show.

So we were honoured to be asked to do a special preview of our show for invited guests as the curtain raiser to the Funny Roots comedy festival. We were a little bit nervous, too. Would this show sink? Or swim? Would it be a success, or not?

Last night was the acid test. And we’re happy to say the show passed with flying colours. The audience listened attentively, and laughed in all the right places. Which meant they laughed a lot. And that meant all our work has been worth it. We’ve created a show which will make you think, hopefully tell you a few things you didn’t know, definitely put a smile on your face, make Black Country folk proud of where we’re from, and make other folk see our region in a more positive light. And it does all that in just sixty minutes. Pretty good going, eh?

Tickets for the show on the 26th are still available. They’re £5 a pop, and you can get them here. Go on, treat yourself. You know it makes sense.