One in a hundred

Summer is time for two of our favourite traditions. One is the Edinburgh Festival Fringe – we went, we gigged, we saw as many shows as we could handle, and we had a great time, thanks for asking. The other is the summer afternoon spent sitting in the beer garden, chewing the fat, and coming up with all sorts of new pandemonialist ideas.

What, we wondered, could we do to help raise the profile of poetry in the Black Country? How could we give a leg up to some of the talented poets whose work we enjoy? And how could we make it fun?

Well before last orders, we’d hatched a plan. The Hundred Club. What is it? Glad you asked. The Hundred Club is our venture into the wonderful world of poetry publishing. Every few months we’ll present the work of a poet or spoken word artist from the Black Country by producing a chapbook of the best of their work. There will be just 100 copies of each chapbook, individually numbered, and when they’re gone… they’re gone. Buy one of these, and you’ll have a collector’s item, a limited edition booklet to read, cherish, and possibly sell for millions when the poet in question becomes wildly, outrageously famous (which is what we’re all hoping for).

The first in this series is now at the printers. If all goes to plan, we’ll be launching it at Yes, We Cant in September when we return to the Pretty Bricks after our summer break. The Hundred Club is yet another good reason to make sure you pop down to one of the Midlands’ best poetry nights, soak up the atmosphere, enjoy what people have to say, and maybe share some words of your own.

Above all, Sunday September 1st is a date to cheer on Jane James as she becomes the first member of our Hundred Club, so put it in your diaries. And bring a fiver for a very special book.