Stourbridge shuttle

Earlier this year, the good folk at West Midlands Railway asked PPP to produce a poem to celebrate the 10th birthday of the Stourbridge Shuttle, the gem of a service which links Stourbridge town centre with the national rail network. So we rolled up our sleeves and set about it.

Here, for you all to enjoy, is the poem. Specially commissioned for the cutest train in the world.

The Stourbridge Shuttle is ten years old
so it’s time for a celebration
and to travel all the length of its network,
from Stourbridge Junction to Stourbridge Town station.

It’s part train, part tram, part genius
quirky, hard-working, unique
a metaphor for our region
making 1000 journeys a week.

The brainchild of Black Country boffins
up the road in Cradley Heath,
with an incredibly clever piece of kit
squirrelled away underneath.

The spinning flywheel gizmo thing
as it travels down the route
hoovers energy up* to help it climb back
efficient, dynamic. And cute.

As you travel to college, or pop down the shops
or make your way back from the pub
if you’re a train buff from Tampa or Tamworth
or off into town for some grub

you aren’t going to want your passport
though you can bring it if you choose
you won’t feel the need for a sleeper coach
but you’ve time for a three-minute snooze.

You see, Stourbridge has got something special.
The Shuttle. It’s out on the track
working the shortest branch line in Europe
from Town up to Junction and back.

A million passengers can’t be wrong.
That’s a fact. It’ll see no rebuttal
we’re every last one of us treated first class
when we sit ourselves down on the Shuttle.

There were seven wonders of the world.
The Black Country’s now made it eight.
Happy birthday, Stourbridge Shuttle!
You’re a belter. Yam bostin’. You’re great.

*It could just as easily be magic done by some bloke waving a wand. Or a squirrel. We’re poets, not engineers.

You can find a video of @bigstevepoet performing the poem here.