With everything else that’s going on in the world, it’s hardly a surprise that the end of the financial year slipped by more or less unnoticed. Even in normal times, it’s rarely something which sets the pulse racing (although filling in a self-assessment tax form can certainly raise the blood pressure, but that’s another matter entirely). This year, though, it was a little bit special for PPP.

You see, last year we decided to set up The Hundred Club, publishing local poets whose work we felt deserved putting together in a pamphlet. We’d have just 100 copies of each pamphlet for sale, and they wouldn’t be re-printed, making them a limited edition worth getting your mitts on. The first member of The Hundred Club was Wolverhampton poet Jane James, and – once we knew we had a model that worked – we followed her pamphlet up with one from rising star Michael Southan.

It was, and is, important to us to get unpublished and overlooked voices into print and give them a chance to share their work. And we’ve done that. It’s also very important to us that poets make money from their writing, and we’re very happy to say that when the financial year drew to a close and we did the sums, we were able to ensure that happened too.

Under normal circumstances, we’d be working on the next pamphlet in our series, but with live events currently on hold we’re hanging back on that for now. We’re also aware that both Jane and Michael sell most of their pamphlets at poetry nights, which isn’t possible right now, so we’re offering to post them out to anyone who’d like one. The pamphlets are £5.00 each, and whether you buy just one, or decide you’d like a copy of both, p+p is an extra £1.00.

If you’re interested, get in touch. We are, as always, at

Take care, and stay safe, and we hope to see you all soon.