The Line

In the autumn of 2020, PPP ran a series of online poetry workshops for the Communication Workers Union. The aim was to encourage members of the CWU – who might never have thought about writing poetry – to give it a go, to find their voice, and to equip them with the confidence to share their work.

It was a lot of fun. The people who took part in the course produced some wonderful work. Funny, clever, incisive, descriptive, fresh, and engaging work. In it, they told us about their communities and their lives; the things they notice which others let slide by; their passions, and the things which drive them to distraction. It was a privilege to spend an evening a week working with them on Zoom.

The course ended, but the CWU writing group is still going strong. They’ve now produced this poetry anthology (beautiful cover design courtesy of Alex Vann, here in Wolverhampton) packed with their poems. It’s a thing of beauty. Hats off to them, and to the CWU for facilitating the workshops which brought this collection of poems into the world. We’re delighted to see these new voices in print, and we hope it inspires other people – members of the CWU or not – to pick up a pen, start writing, and find their voice too.