tick tock, tick tock…

It’s just a hunch, but we reckon that a lot of you – the people who visit our website and read our blogs – are poets. Or dabble in poetry to a greater or lesser extent. So we reckon it’s worth making sure you know that you’ve got just over two weeks left to send your poems in to the Wolves Lit Fest poetry competition, which closes as the clock strikes midnight on December 31st.

This is the fifth year that we’ve organised the competition for the festival, and we’re delighted that this year the value of the three 3rd prizes has increased from £25 to £50 (1st prize remains £400, 2nd £150). As a Wolverhampton poetry collective which spends a lot of its time encouraging people to give writing poetry a go, we’re even more delighted that this year’s competition features new and additional prizes for poems sent in by people living in a WV postcode.

As with all competitions, you’ve got to be in it to win it. This year, the theme of both festival and competition is ‘sounds of the city’, and our judge Casey Bailey (poet laureate of Birmingham) will pick the winning poems early in January 2022. Tell him what it’s like where you live. Or in a place where you used to live. Or would like to live. Tell him what it’s like when the community comes together to party, when the stadium fills with sports fans, when the shops shut and your town falls quiet, or when you take a late night bus through your city’s empty streets. Let your imagination run riot. Take Casey to places he doesn’t yet know. And do it all before we ring in the new year, and 2022.

You’ll find the competition rules, details of how to enter, and the Paypal link here. Happy writing, and… good luck!!