Virtual Edinburgh

Four years ago – god, how time flies – we took our spoken word theatre show ‘Poets, Prattlers, and Pandemonialists’ up to the Edinburgh Free Fringe for a week. It was wonderful. We stood in the sunshine and handed out flyers to passers-by (some of them even came along to watch the show!), we chatted to other artists and joined their audience, we found time for a guest spot or two in other venues, and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Fast forward to last Spring and the first lockdown, and we found ourselves with time on our hands. So we decided to reprise and update the show, setting it in the framework of a Zoom event. This new virtual show became part of last year’s Ludlow Fringe, and Morecambe Fringe, where it won an award for ‘best adapted show during a global pandemic’ which is something which makes us grin every time we think about it.

Now, the show is going back to the PBH Free Fringe in Edinburgh. It’ll be virtual, of course, as so much of the Fringe is this year, and you can enjoy it at 7.00pm each evening from 6th to 30th August. In true Fringe tradition, you can even throw some money in the virtual hat if you think it’s worth it (spoiler alert: it’s so worth it). You’ll find the info about our show here. Check out the other shows in the Fringe too. There’s always some wonderful pieces, just waiting to be discovered.